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With over 30 years of experience in HVAC, from small DX systems to large industrial Chillers LT is your one stop shop for HVAC Install, Maintenance and repair.

We will ensure you are compliant with the latest FGAS regulations and ensure your equipment is running efficiently.

We are able to conduct site energy audits to advise where you can effectively reduce your energy consumption and carbon emissions.






We can tailor maintenance packages to suit your budget and ensure you are compliant.

Correctly maintained systems also ensure minimised running costs.

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Wether you require a replacement Chiller, Split system, VRV, Dry Air Cooler, or a complete system, we are your one stop shop.

We will ensure we offer a competitive package which also takes into account the best solution and energy efficiency.


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Equipment not working? looking for a competitive quote?, Energy consumption seem high?

Then contact us for a comprehensive quotation to get your equipment back into shape


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Recent Work

Installation of Split systems to a newley refurbished office

Replacement of a 550kw chiller, with 30% energy savings

Replacement of CRAC systems for a leading manufacturer

Full repair and re-instatement of a mothballed chiller

Replacement of a Cellar Cooler

Energy Efficiency Audit

Full de-commision of a critical site

Chiller refurbishment

Installation of Split systems to a newley refurbished office

Maintenance to critical plant for a Pharmaceutical company

Pump replacement

Full Site AHU service and Audit

Full Site BMS audit

Life Cycle Analyis survey and report


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